About The Lokahi Foundation
A small team with a big mission

Our research and projects influence the ways community actors engage with one another

What drives us? Our vision: sustainable, diverse communities, a dynamic, resilient society where religious difference is a source of strength and creativity.

The Lokahi Foundation is a social impact charity that was founded in 2005 by Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson to enable society to embrace religious diversity with respect and understanding.

The Hawaiian word ‘lokahi’ means harmony from diversity, the fruitfulness that comes when conflict is transcended in the search for something higher.

Lokahi is impartial and works alongside communities and statutory bodies on innovative programmes that pioneer social change.

Making a wider impact

Lokahi works with a variety of partners to achieve our mission: community organisations, businesses, government agencies, and universities – anyone who shares our vision of sustainable diverse communities. We challenge ourselves to create projects with measurable impact, evidence-based research and fresh thinking on the fundamentals of religious traditions.

We offer workshops, training, unique events that transform tensions and conflicts between communities – real-world projects and real-time research to meet community needs.

If you could use the skills and expertise of Lokahi or you would like to learn more about our record working with communities and our research, please contact:

Mehmuda Mian, Associate Director at: mm@lokahi.org.uk

Our Impact

Healing the Violence

We probe, in knowledge and practice, the ways religion can be used to harm or heal. We work with practitioners to counteract the abuse of religion.

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Our Analysis

Real-Time Research

Summaries and fruits of commissioned research that have broader applicability.

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