About The Lokahi Foundation
Creative harmony from diversity

We translate research related to society’s beliefs and values into projects that support communities experiencing real problems

We envisage a dynamic, resilient society that embraces religious and cultural difference as a source of strength and creativity.

Our mission is to cultivate harmonious, diverse communities by transforming the relationships within them. We pioneer projects that address the practical needs of these communities, and the impact is lasting social change. Our rigorous research probes the foundations of faiths, beliefs and values, and the result is an informed and insightful public.

Lokahi strives to achieve creative harmony from diversity

As an impartial, independent charity that holds no religious or political affiliation, Lokahi provides creative theological thinking of the different faiths not merely alongside one another, but thinking together about problems and issues to forge a genuinely interfaith perspective.

Through our specialist knowledge and community projects, Lokahi fashions creative and fruitful harmony from diversity – which is what the Hawaiian word ‘lokahi’ means.


Our Impact

Learning Each Other's Stories

Can it really be possible to overcome entrenched mistrust in a single day?

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Our Analysis

Beliefs and Culture

The more we understand religious beliefs and culture, the more intelligent our public debate.

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