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Andrew Dickson, Researcher

Andrew is a Researcher at the Lokahi Foundation, working mostly on research and publications in de-radicalisation. His role also involves project development and delivery, and maintaining Lokahi’s social media platform.

His research interests include domestic extremist groups and deradicalisation; political theory concerning civil liberties and government relations with wider society; and modern and ancient theories of philosophy of religion, particularly religious experience. In particular, he enjoys the interplay and impact these areas of study have on each other and their practical applications and follow-through. He is pursuing an M.A. in Conflict, Security, and Development from King's College London from September 2015 and holds a B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Hertford College, Oxford. 

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A Real Future

A community can prepare for impending conflict. Dialogue doesn't prevent all problems: it equips you to overcome them.

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Law and Security

The threat of terrorism and the ‘war on terror’ put pressure on existing tensions in religion and citizenship as well as interreligious relations.

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