Lokahi Mehmuda Mian

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Email: mm@lokahi.org.uk

Mehmuda Mian, Associate Director & Clerk to Trustees

Mehmuda is the project lead for Project Nicole and offers advice and strategic direction to other Lokahi projects.

Her ambition from an early age was always to become a lawyer, and she practised for over 10 years as a solicitor specialising in commercial and professional indemnity litigation. Her commitment to rigorous, high standards in public life led her to take on the regulatory function of the Law Society, investigating complaints against solicitors, and also to chairing independent review panels for the NHS. She left to take up an appointment at the Police Complaints Authority.

Mehmuda was subsequently appointed as one of the first Commissioners to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), where she gained wide experience dealing with the public's concerns, often on very sensitive matters.

She is a former BBC Trustee and non-executive director of the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). She was shortlisted for the Muslim Women Power List of 2009.

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