• It is a product of deep theoretical and real-world knowledge

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    Probing the foundations of how religion and modern society relate and contributing to an informed debate

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  • Research

    Our first-rate academic work addresses different faiths, beliefs and cultures and how they relate to society today

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We pioneer ground-breaking research that is a product of deep theoretical and real-world knowledge which probes the fundamentals of religious traditions and community relations.

Lokahi resources are categorised by impact themes, analysis areas and our projects. If you would like more information on anything you discover here, please contact us.


Our areas of analysis are the focal points of our research and provide a framework for every one of our projects. They examine religion and how it relates to beliefs and values, public life, law and security, and the environment and economy.


Our research into religion and all aspects of public life benefits society because it is multi-faith and multi-disciplinary. It produces a more informed public debate and provides new knowledge and analysis, always advancing social change.

Research Publications and Resources

We have a collection of videos and downloads of resources for all to use and share.

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If want to learn more about Lokahi's analysis and research, please contact:

Andrew Dickson at: ad@lokahi.org.uk

Our Impact

A Real Future

A community can prepare for impending conflict. Dialogue doesn't prevent all problems: it equips you to overcome them.

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Our Analysis

Public Life

The complex interaction of religion with other forces permeates many of our most urgent public issues.

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Our Blog

The Meaning of Lokahi

Our Director, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson, writes on the meaning of Lokahi.

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