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    Probing the foundations of how religion and modern society relate and contributing to an informed debate

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    Beliefs and Culture

    Why study religious beliefs and their impact on culture and society?

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  • Lokahi Public Life

    Public Life

    How does religion relate to culture, ethnicity and national and civic life in today's world?

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  • Law and Security

    How do society's questions about law and security in today's world invariably relate to religious affiliations and allegiances?

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  • Environment and Economy

    What do the world's religions have to offer today's ethical barometer and conceptualisation of wealth creation and distribution?

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Analysis Areas

Our analysis probes the foundations of religion, beliefs and values to give a deeper insight to issues affecting the society and the public good.

We contribute to a more informed public debate regarding today’s most pressing issues.  We encourage people to find deeper shared values and to identify the best approach to forming more sustainable diverse communities.

The theoretical and applied research we undertake provides new knowledge and analysis that improves our understanding of cultural and community relations and helps us bridge the gaps in understanding and trust.

Beliefs and Culture

Lokahi Beliefs and Culture

The more we understand religious beliefs and culture, the more intelligent our public debate.

Public Life

Lokahi Public Life

The complex interaction of religion with other forces permeates many of our most urgent public issues.

Law and Security

Lokahi Law and Security

The threat of terrorism and the ‘war on terror’ put pressure on existing tensions in religion and citizenship as well as interreligious relations.

Environment and Economy

Lokahi Environment and Economy

Religious claims interact with these areas, setting our ethical compass and aspirations.

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If want to learn more about Lokahi's analysis and research, please contact:

Professor Griffith-Dickson, Director at: ad@lokahi.org.uk

Our Impact

Places of Learning

We foster supportive communities that embrace diversity. By helping others  understand and respect, we bring about change for many others.

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Our Blog

The Meaning of Lokahi

Our Director, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson, writes on the meaning of Lokahi.

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