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How does religion relate to culture, ethnicity and national and civic life in today's world?

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Religion and Public Life

Many societies are becoming more religiously diverse, and often more secular. Religion penetrates all aspects of identity, and colours our sense of sameness and difference from others.

How religion relates to culture and ethnicity but also national identity and civic life is an important area of analysis. It brings into focus the interaction between religious drivers and secular or non-religious forces within broader society.

Religious imperatives, motivations and allegiances lie along the fault-lines of many national debates and conflicts. Consequently religious factors permeate society’s contemporary questions about immigration, integration, community relations and social cohesion.

Our work in this area allows us to formulate more rigorous project designs that are clearly orientated to be applied to the social needs of diverse and multicultural communities.

What does this look like in practice? 


2012 Multi-Faith Spaces - Symptoms and Agents of Religious and Social Change Conference hosted by Manchester University

At this conference, our Research and Project manager, Jonathan Smith, chaired a panel discussion on how higher education institutions can better manage and understand their multi-faith spaces. In his opening talk, he explains the complex context of multi-faith spaces and the challenges facing universities and students’ unions to make them more diverse and inclusive as spaces for prayer, meditation, discussion and encounter.

Good Campus Relations Research Project

Since 2011, Lokahi has been running a four year research project on good campus relations. The project offers customised support and training to key influencers in student societies and students’ unions. Over a three year cycle, our support equips them to make structural changes and to incorporate best practice into their institutions. The learning is being compiled into a best practice toolkit in campus relations for the benefit of the entire sector. 

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