CALL TO TENDER: Contextualising Islam in Pluralist Societies

The Lokahi Foundation is leading a research project on "Contextualizing Islam in Pluralistic Societies". The research aims at understanding how different Muslim communities and Muslim intellectuals are dealing with issues of citizenship, identity and civic engagement in pluralistic societies.

The research will focus on selected European and non-European countries, with varying levels of religious and cultural diversity. Lokahi will organise focus groups in each of the selected countries, and will review the existing literature on the subject. The study will explore different answers to questions regarding the place of religion in pluralistic societies, multiple or competing identities, relations with people of other faith or no faith at all.

This project will explore the relationship between Muslim intellectual trends in Europe and global or historical traditions of Islamic thought. Two areas of particular interest to the project’s work are (1) the nature and state of dialogue globally between leaders and followers of multiple faith traditions regarding the role of religion in society; and (2) the relationship between Muslim thought within the European Union and intellectual trends in Muslim majority and minority settings outside the bloc.

We are seeking an individual or organisation to provide research and administrative support to our Research Fellow based in Leicester:

  • To provide research and administrative support for a Leicester-based research Fellow. Small organisations or individuals may apply.
  • The role involves extensive research, liaison, communication with faith groups and educational institutions in 16 countries including the UK.
  • The role will work directly to a Lokahi Research Fellow and provide him with direct administrative, communications, logistics and research support.

NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the myTenders Web Site at

Applicants must:

  • if an organisation, have a document outlining their principles, values, or ethics policy. If an individual, supply an ethics statement.
  • abide by EC regulations in the 'General Conditions', 'Special Conditions', and 'Practical Guide' for Actions of the European Commission
  • abide by Lokahi policies, including the Lokahi ethics policy
  • must have experience of working with faith communities and groups in Britain
  • must have experience of working with Muslim communities and groups
  • must have a track record of working within a 'contextualising Islam' perspective
  • must have experience of organising events, workshops, conferences

Please reply by means of a letter and with supplementary attachments as appropriate, by email to Prof. Gwen Griffith-Dickson,

Please outline in the letter your suitability for the project, such as past experience in these and similar roles.

Please include reference to any existing policies, and indicate your awareness of and commitment to observing all EC guidelines, including General  Conditions found here, and further documents and contractual obligations provided by Lokahi upon request.


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