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Barriers to Progression: Real-Time Research Report

In April 2013, the Lokahi Foundation published a research project entitled ‘Barriers to Progression’. The following is an abridged extract from a consultation exercise Lokahi performed for a major UK police force. This particular force wanted to investigate any barriers to recruitment, progression and retention for minorities (ethnic, gender, religious).

Areas covered within the document include;
1) Context
2) Recommendations
3) Isolated, malfunctioning practices
4) Research on changing an organisational culture
5) Profitable aspects of successful organisational change
6) Key things that leaders can do to effect change
7) Targeting majority staff
8) Themes are selected to focus and motivate the work
9) Create a culture of outstanding officers
10) Sustain a cohesive force
11) Identify excellence accurately
12) Support merit fairly
13) Make the best use of your people
14) About The Lokahi Foundation




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