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'Creator' or Not?


On Tuesday the 10th of December 2002, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson delivered a lecture at Barnard’s Inn Hall on the subject of ‘Creator (or not)’. The three great Semitic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam - all maintain that God created the universe. The great Indic religions, which hold a more ambivalent view of the material world, take a different stance on the relationship between ultimate reality and the material world.

Areas covered within the lecture include;
1.) Creation in Time
2.) Eternal Creation
3.) Eternal Matter
4.) Evolving Matter
5.) Observations


 Note: if you cannot view the embedded video, you can access it from its host page by clicking here. You can also view a full transcript of the lecture on the Gresham College website.

'Creator' (or not?) - Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson - Gresham College Lectures from Gresham College on Vimeo.

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