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From 'Self' and 'Other' to 'We'

On Thursday the 31st of January 2002, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson delivered a lecture titled, From ‘Self’ and ‘Other’ to ‘We’ at Barnard’s Inn Hall, Gresham College. One of the deepest questions hidden in the question of inter-faith study and inter-faith dialogue is the notion of the Self and of the Other. Different pictures of selfhood are given in different philosophical and religious systems. But arguably the question of identity and difference are problematic human issues that confront us most powerfully when we encounter one who is culturally and religiously other. How does this issue impact not only on inter-faith dialogue but on the underlying metaphysics and theology of this question?

Areas covered within the lecture include;
1) Philosophical narcissism
2) Self & not-self
3) Beyond Narcissism?


 Note: if you cannot view the embedded video, you can access it from its host page by clicking here. You can also view a full transcript of the lecture on the Gresham College website.

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