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Good Campus Relations: Lokahi University Research Briefing Paper #1

This briefing paper provides an update on a four-year Lokahi research project on campus relations. The project offers customised support and training to key influencers in student societies and students’ unions. Over a three year cycle, our support equips them to make structural changes and to incorporate best practice into their institutions. The learning is being compiled into a best practice toolkit in campus relations for the benefit of the entire sector.

The campus relations research project addresses two questions:

1) What are the descriptors and indicators for good campus relations at higher education institutions (HEIs)?
2) What factors contribute to embedding lasting change in good campus relations?


1. Executive Summary
2. Lokahi University Programme
3. Defining good campus relations
3.1 Past research on campus relations
3.2 Aims of Lokahi University Research
3.3 Campus Relations Measurement Framework
4. Initial Findings
4.1 Descriptor and Indicators for Good Campus Relations
4.2 Best Practice to Achieve Good Campus Relations
5. Next Steps
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