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Shared Campus Spaces: Discussion on University Multi-Faith Rooms

On the 21st of March 2012, Lokahi participated in an international conference at the University of Manchester on Multi-Faith Spaces - Symptoms and Agents of Religious and Social Change. Jonathan Smith from Lokahi chaired a panel discussion on multi-faith spaces in universities.

Prayer facilities on university campuses are among the most diverse multi-faith spaces in the UK. Chaplains, students’ unions and senior management increasingly participate in the design and management of these shared spaces for prayer, meditation, discussion and encounter. 

In this video Jonathan introduced the session, outlining the key challenges: How may the differing needs of diverse faith communities be met in a shared space? Is there an evolving idea of sacred space because of experiences on campus? Is shared space a place of increased positive interaction between faiths or a source of unnecessary tension? How do the identity, thoughts and role of the manager and the institution affect its management? How are conflicts managed between faith groups and potentially other users over the use of shared space? 


The video can be viewed by clicking on its host site here.

The vidoes of other speakers on the panel can be found on this page

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