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What Works: Research Summary

In April 2013, The Lokahi Foundation published an abridged extract from a research project entitled, ‘What Works’. The project was performed in conjunction with Lancaster University for the Home Office, and it explored how religious and ethnic individuals and communities have successfully contributed to the wider community and whether various economic, professional, religious or social factors have played a role.

Britain will always be a diverse nation, and people will always want to retain important aspects of their religious, cultural, ethnic and other heritage. Much public discussion has concentrated on what has not worked with integration. We need to look more closely at 'What Works': the ways in which individuals and communities have been successful in building social cohesion within Britain.

Areas covered within the document include:

  1. 1) Context
  2. 2) Project Aims
  3. 3) Methodology
  4. 4) Summary of one set of findings
  5. 5) Faith and Success
  6. 6) Faith and Interpretation


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