We are driven by our vision of a dynamic and resilient society where our differences are a source of strength and creativity.

The fruitfulness that comes from this harmony from diversity can come only when society embraces religious diversity with respect and understanding.

Lokahi’s blog will visit the themes of our social impact and our research areas. And while our work delves into the problems of a multicultural society, we engage with many of those difficult and uncomfortable issues here as well.

For stories of our campus specific work, including student accounts of what it's really like to be part of a Campus Lokahi project, visit our website: http://www.campuslokahi.org/our-stories.html

30th August 2013

The Meaning of Lokahi

Lokahi The Meaning of Lokahi

Our Director, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson, writes on the meaning of Lokahi.

14th December 2012

Changing Perceptions: The Benefits of Diversity Management

Lokahi Changing Perceptions: The Benefits of Diversity Management

Abs Hassanali, University of London Union Senate Chair, explains what the Diversity Management course has meant for him and how his involvement with the Lokahi Foundation has changed a few of his perceptions.

29th May 2012

Cutting or Keeping: How to handle a controversial speaker

Lokahi Cutting or Keeping: How to handle a controversial speaker

Our Senior Executive Officer, Mohammad, writes about what happened when students requested our advice on an event they were planning with a high profile controversial speaker.

20th April 2012

MBA curriculum needs to embrace theology

Lokahi MBA curriculum needs to embrace theology

Prof. Gwen Griffith-Dickson offers a refreshing approach to rethinking the MBA curriculum to incorporate the development of the 'quality of thinking' in itself: to be able to discern, to have the capacity of accurate analysis and reliable decision making.

20th February 2012

Our new website launches

Lokahi Our new website launches

We have launched a new website which we hope you will find to be user friendly and engaging. It will give you more information about us and the work that we do.

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