Campus Lokahi
Since 2008, Lokahi has been equipping students and staff to flourish in situations of diversity and work for positive social change with people from different faiths, beliefs and cultures.

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People like to say that university students are the leaders of the future. We think they are leaders already, with lots to teach our communities about working positively with people from other faiths, cultures and countries.

Campus Lokahi is about exploring the idea of lokahi (harmony through diversity) on campus through research and action. What makes different groups work together? How do we create a positive student experience? 

We launched the Campusalam Project in 2008 to support students and staff across 30 campuses in addressing unique challenges faced by Muslim students. In 2010, we expanded our work into Campus Lokahi, improving campus relations by building stronger bridges between student societies and with university administration around issues of beliefs and values.

Working in partnership with national initiatives to improve student experience – the Religious Literacy Leadership Programme and the National Union of Students – Campus Lokahi equips students and staff to manage diversity with skill and to form more robust educational institutions for the benefit of all.

How does Campus Lokahi work?

Campus Lokahi is not a leadership course. We work directly with you on campus over the year, laying on the knowledge and skills you need, right when and where you need it. Helping you put it into practice to achieve things that mean something to you.

Campus Lokahi has pioneered the art of inspiring and equipping people to create lasting change. But being a change-maker is not all about you. We foster positive relations on campus: we want you to have the skills you need to manage conflicts of beliefs and values – for the sake of others.

Universities are intense places, full of passion and debate. Building resilient relationships can come a distant second. But more and more we learn the importance of campus relations, of preserving freedom of thought and speech without conflict with those who are distressed or offended.

The Equality Act of 2010 expects universities and colleges to foster good relations between people of different groups. How many campuses really know how? 

Stories of campus success

  • Over 7,000 students and staff have attended our events – from our groundbreaking faith comedy show Under:Stand:Up at University of Leeds in 2011, to our innovative interfaith event Bridge The Gap at Queen Mary's and the two biggest UK campus interfaith events in recent years - Around the World in Eight Faiths and Faiths in Fusion at University of Birmingham in 2012 and 2013.
  • Over 90 student leaders on 30 campuses have used our flashpod training events to generate instant constructive dialogue when critical issues arise.
  • We’ve posted over 300 pages of resources on our campusalam website, with toolkits on communication, event organising, vlogging and problem-solving.

In 2013 we're working with seven top institutions: University of Birmingham, Birkbeck College, Heythrop College (UL), King’s College London, University of Leeds, Queen Mary (UL), and University College London giving students and staff an intensive, personal support package. Our work ranges from supporting the management of multi-faith spaces, a professional skills course on managing diversity, and collaborative events between student societies. 

We are also creating an online resource on campus collaboration to launch in Summer of 2013. Watch this space. 

What’s your vision?

This is the question we start with on every campus. Then we work out how to help students achieve that vision together.

A shared vision, founded on collaborative work and collaborative dreaming, is the one that will become reality. If you want to go far, you have to take people with you. It is the first step to convert ideas into real impact.

Tell us what your vision of better community or campus relations looks like by writing to us or coming to one of our events.

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