We delve deep in order to understand the fault-lines that exist within communities

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Bridging Communities

Lokahi’s work delves deep into the nuances of a multicultural society and conducts research into community relations to gain insight into the sources and solutions to community conflicts.

We engage directly, with sensitivity, tact and understanding, with difficult and uncomfortable topics like community cohesion, multiculturalism, integration and hate crimes. Our aim here is to reduce or eliminate the gaps in understanding within communities experiencing tensions or plagued by prejudice.

Lokahi acts as a bridge between groups and communities and encourages a shared understanding and vision of a safer, more stable society. Greater tolerance, empathy and acceptance can reduce the tension and bring about lasting social change. It is our goal to reach new areas that are neglected or that lack effective solutions. By drawing on our bank of intellectual and social capital Lokahi can adapt sensitively to local needs and cultures and help overcome community impasses.

What does this look like in practice?


Learning Each Other's Stories

Learning Each Other’s Stories is our unique method for bringing together groups in conflict. The journey that participants go on is transformative, breaking down long entrenched barriers, building understanding and ultimately creating real social change. 

Campus Lokahi

The Campus Lokahi project brings the same pioneering vision to university campuses. Through inspiring and facilitating collaboration the Campus Lokahi team empowers different faith and cultural groups to work together to build cohesive and resilient student communities. 

'What Works' Research Project

In our 'What Works? research project Lokahi explored the success stories in community cohesion. Through extensive interviews with people from various faith groups we investigated faith-based strategies used for success and integration. Much public discussion has concentrated on what has not worked with integration. Our results add to the dialogue by showing what does. 

Our Impact

A Peace Making Story

 Lokahi has been creating a new programme to support Somali communities using our unique LEOS methodology, and we delivered the first three in the days following the summit.

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Our Analysis

Environment and Economy

Religious claims interact with these areas, setting our ethical compass and aspirations.

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Our Blog

The Meaning of Lokahi

Our Director, Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson, writes on the meaning of Lokahi.

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