Fostering supportive learning communities compounds our impact over time

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Places of Learning

Lokahi works towards sustainable diverse communities by fostering supportive communities of learning. We conduct innovative research in religion, theology and philosophy as a foundation for our work.


By taking learning outside formal contexts, Lokahi enables all members of society to access the knowledge and skills they need to encourage people to find deeper shared values and mutual understanding and respect. The research we have conducted for a number of partners has come from real world needs

What does this look like in practice?


Managing Conflicts of Beliefs and Values

How do you train union staff members to deal with inter-society conflict? In 2013 we ran training programs at six major universities, dealing with conflict management and learning how to train others. This is what one staff member had to say about what he took away from the course.

“The managing conflicts of beliefs and values really helped build an understanding between union officers and also helped us manage our team better. It gave me a sense of my team and…they were vital skills to draw on in meetings and I’ve drawn on those skills strongly this year.”

Diversity Management

Learning is more than education. Our programmes guide people in learning about each other, reaching a deeper understanding of faiths and cultures through encounter. This is the learning that can transform conflicts. In 2013, we ran a pilot ‘Diversity Management’ course at Heythrop College. Running for 2 academic terms, this course practically involved its participants, engaging them in complex situations and giving them skills that extended beyond the classroom. This is what Abduttayyeb Hassanal, University of London Union Senate chair, had to say about our diversity management course;

“Sounds challenging? It is. Taken seriously, the Lokahi course could be one of the most difficult yet precious of experiences.”

Good Campus Relations Research Project

Since 2011, Lokahi has been running a four year research project on good campus relations. The project offers customised support and training to key influencers in student societies and students’ unions. Over a three year cycle, our support equips them to make structural changes and to incorporate best practice into their institutions. The learning is being compiled into a best practice toolkit in campus relations for the benefit of the entire sector.

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Changing Perceptions: The Benefits of Diversity Management

Abs Hassanali, University of London Union Senate Chair, explains what the Diversity Management course has meant for him and how his involvement with the Lokahi Foundation has changed a few of his perceptions.

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